Generation Z: How They Are Changing the Internet

It is no wonder that at the first mention of Generation Z, many people look puzzled. After all, Generation Z is made up of newcomers, arriving just as we feel like we have finally figured out those smarty-pants Millennials. Before we get acquainted with the whole Generation Z crowd and their relationship with the Internet, let’s figure out who are the people that make up Gen Z. Precise dates have not been assigned to when Generation Z emerged, but birthdates typically range anywhere from the mid-1990s to early 2000s—basically the seven to seventeen age range. What is undeniable is that Generation Z was practically born with some form of device in their hands, and that is because we handed it to them. By age two or three, most Gen Z members have been placated or distracted with a phone. It is too effective of a distraction not to use it … Read More ›